Why ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ matters for democracy

Dr Andrew Dwyer Recently, I was struck by a front cover to the magazine, Newsweek, which declared that we are (again) facing the potential for a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’. For many within both the practitioner and academic ‘cyber’[1] community, this is manifest of a long shadow of the hyperbole that characterised the popular recognition ofContinue reading “Why ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ matters for democracy”

Offensive cyber in the age of ransomware

Ciaran Martin  When the United States launched Cyber Command twelve years ago, the word ‘ransomware’ was not in widespread use. Nor did countering the threat from computer-based racketeering feature in the lengthy deliberations leading up to the formation in the UK of the National Cyber Force, announced in November last year.   But in the courseContinue reading “Offensive cyber in the age of ransomware”

Upcoming workshop – An Offensive Future?

The Offensive Cyber Working Group is issuing a call for abstracts ahead of a workshop on the role of offensive cyber today and in the future. Contributions are invited from across the range of academic disciplines and from outside academia. The deadline for abstracts is 16 July, and the workshop will be held on 22Continue reading “Upcoming workshop – An Offensive Future?”

Introducing The Alert

We are excited to launch The Alert, the blog of the Offensive Cyber Working Group (OCWG).   The Offensive Cyber Working Group (OCWG) is an academia-led initiative to bring together experts from across academia, policy and the private sector to examine the conceptual, policy and practical implications of offensive cyber activity in the current UK landscape. Continue reading “Introducing The Alert”