The Offensive Cyber Working Group (OCWG) brings together experts from across academia to examine academic, policy and theoretical perspectives on offensive cyber activity in the current UK landscape . This will start with a scoping workshop to outline the Group’s key priorities, with community discussions leading towards future research themes and projects. We envisage discussions ranging from the strategic implications relating to the state use of offensive cyber capabilities, the socio-technical impact of offensive cyber capabilities, the ethics of their use, and the development of effective regulation and governance.

The first OCWG scoping workshop will be held in person in November 2020 (with an online event in case COVID-19 restrictions are not eased). Following this, subsequent work to explore themes and to coordinate appropriate activity streams will be developed. Relevant event details and a report will be found on the OCWG website and through updates via OCWG on Twitter. The goal is to generate grounded, informed, timely, and relevant advice for policy and to develop an expert community on offensive cyber activity. The Group will facilitate a space in which a range of expert stakeholders can contribute to this interdisciplinary discussion.

For further information, please contact steering[at]offensivecyber[dot]org or follow us on Twitter @Offensive_Cyber