The Offensive Cyber Working Group (OCWG) is an academia-led initiative bringing together experts to examine the conceptual, policy and practical implications of cyber operations in the UK and internationally. The goal is to generate grounded, informed, timely, and relevant advice for policy and to develop an expert community. The OCWG acts as a facilitator – in conversation with government and industry – for a range of experts, opinions, and perspectives to enhance interdisciplinary understanding.

Activities of the OCWG include:

  • A College of Experts: This is intended to drive further discussion on (offensive) cyber operations and policy. This is focused on those who conduct research on, or are based in, the United Kingdom. Applications are currently open.
  • The Alert: A platform created in June 2021 to encourage debate from across the world, from academia to industry and beyond. If you have an idea for a post or even a special theme or issue, please see information on the dedicated page
  • Global Challenges in Offensive Cyber: An ad hoc seminar series, by invitation, to speak on topics of importance to them. If you would like to recommend any topic or individuals who you believe would be beneficial, please contact us.

For further information, please contact steering[at]offensivecyber[dot]org or follow us on Twitter @Offensive_Cyber

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